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Back in 1995 I was working for a western furniture maker in Cody,Wyoming. They specialized in high-end Cody style furniture; mostly reproductions of the beautiful and
distinctive furniture designs of Thomas Molesworth from the 1930's and 40's.
One day as I was working on a cabinet, the shop foreman came in and told me to put the
project aside for now-"the boss wants you to build a coffin for his uncle", he said.
The foreman got some general dimensions from the local undertaker, and I went
to work.
After the funeral, several of the family and friends of the deceased came by the shop to say how much they appreciated the coffin. "It was a fitting tribute to 'C'..
A regular casket just wouldn't have been the same."
If you're here because you've been searching for an alternative to an impersonal,
and expensive casket, give me a call. There's no obligation. We'd be honored to serve you.
Steve Cranford, owner
Personalizing the coffin had become a family project. They were drawn together to take part in commemorating a loved one in a simple and unique way. It wasn't planned, it just happened naturally and spontaneously.
After some discussion it was decided to carve the family crest and brands on the coffin. A set of old-fashioned brass handles completed the look, and someone brought a colorful Mexican blanket to line the bottom.
Over the next few days, as the coffin was taking shape, various family members stopped by to see how the project was coming along. As the simple box neared completion, all agreed that we should do something to make it truly unique and personal.
Coffins of the West
Later, I began a part time endeavor designing and building coffins, and that became Coffins of the West.

In their time of loss, this activity gave the family something positive they could think about and do together. It had a comforting effect on all of them, and gave them ownership of the process of caring for their dead. I couldn't help but think-' Why isn't this the way we always do it?'
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