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Powell, Wyoming
Est. 1996
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~To order, or for more information call me locally: (307) 754 2084 or 254 0901

~or email me at:
1) Just look through this website and choose the style you want,
3) Give us a call to discuss the details.
We try to keep a couple of un-finished coffins on hand to quickly finish and ship out, but otherwise it takes about five full days to build and finish a coffin. Please plan accordingly.
And of course if it's convenient, you can always come by our shop here in Powell, and pick it up yourself.

When we ship your coffin, we send it to you in a sturdy crate that protects it in transit and also protects it in storage until it's needed. We charge $150 for the crate.
You may pay with cash, check, or money order. We ship your coffin as soon as we receive payment.
Order your coffin from Coffins of the West in three simple steps..
That's it. We'll handle all shipping and delivery details for you.
2) Then choose the color you want..
Our shipper,
North Park Transportation Co.
provides overnight shipping within a six- state service area at no additional charge.
~For estimated shipping times to other areas please give us a call.
Cell (307) 254 0901